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About Us

We specialise in INDENT ORDERING so we can offer our customers the very best pricing. We combine customer orders, to significantly reduce supply chain costs from our factories in Indonesia and China. These cost savings are reflected in our competitive pricing, so your business can achieve a higher gross profit margin per sale.

To put it simply, our most successful customers utilise our indent ordering strategy, to generate greater profit for their business.

Craftcorp was established 30 years ago to bring Christmas Products to the Australasian Marketplace. Initially our products were produced from the factory in New Zealand. We have had to remain competitive however and this has meant utilizing factories in Indonesia and China to manufacture our designs to the best possible quality whilst at the same time achieving very competitive pricing.

Our commitment to ongoing product development and an international travel program, enables us to provide essential knowledge, insights and solutions to our customers. Each year we spend a lot of time at international trade fairs looking for unique designs as well as identifying current Christmas trends. 

Our extensive range and knowledge as category specialists allows us to provide a range of Christmas products for every customer and budget. We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering value for money, quality products to our customers.

Having great products at great prices is only part of the situation. We have a commitment to having good systems and good distribution systems to achieve on time on target deliveries to our trade customers. In the technology area we have a continuous program of Internet and systems upgrade. 

We also offer Private Label solutions which means we combine our designs and products with your own branding and labeling to achieve “house” branding. This concept is well utilized by larger retailers but could also work well in smaller franchises.

If you are thinking of a Private label solution we have catalogs of designs that we could utilise, drop us a note explaining what you want and our designer will talk to you about the best options for your situation. A Private labeling strategy over a number of product categories may increase your profile as well as your “sell through” figures.

We look forward to working with you. 

Craftcorp Group Ltd





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